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Art Holidays Romania

‘The Unbroken Chain’ Cupseni Festival 2018, Maramures, Romania.
Oil on canvas 66 x 104 cm. Click to enlarge

“The embers of the living flame are still glowingin the hearth of the traditional Romanian village.

The flame is kept alive by an uninterrupted human chain. Each generation is a link in that chain – creating and transmitting over eras the traditional culture.

The living flame has warmed the spirit for thousands of years but once quenched, it’s not possible to relight; once broken, the chain cannot be remade.”

Peter Hurley – ‘Focul Viu’ (‘The Living Flame’)

Art Holidays Romania

2020 course postponed to July/August 2021 Details at

Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament

Midday Sun, Westminster (oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm) Sold
Limited edition prints now available


Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament